The British Association for American Studies [BAAS] was founded in 1955 by a group of British University teachers to promote the serious study of the United States within universities, colleges and schools of the United Kingdom.

The term ‘American Studies’ is taken to embrace the history, government and politics, economics, sociology, geography and literature of the United States

BAAS publications include the Journal of American Studies, a series of Pamphlets in American Studies, and two important bibliographical volumes: A Guide to Manuscripts relating to America in Great Britain and Ireland and American Newspaper Holdings in British and Irish Libraries. A large body of material has been selected and microfilmed in the series British Records relating to America , sponsored by BAAS and published by Microform Ltd

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List of archives

Divided into 2 sections:

Section 1: Boxes 1 – 4

Comprises the bulk of the material relating to period 1955-62; the filing arrangement & numbering system of the BAAS has been retained: A: Committee minutes, officers correspondence; B:Rockefeller Grant; C: United States Information Service [USIS] Grant for Survey of Sources, 1956-62; D: Miscellaneous foundations, institutions, etc

Section 2: Boxes 5 –

Mostly – but not exclusively – comprises the more recent archives: these have been organised into the following sub-sections: Committee minutes; Committee correspondence; Officers and other correspondence; BAAS/American Council of Learned Societies [ACLS] Fellowships ; Conferences; Membership; BAAS Publications

[Material marked with * indicates additional deposit made in 2000; + indicates additional deposit made in 2002; ** indicates additional deposit made in 2004; $ indicates additional deposit of material in 2005]


A: Committee minutes, officers correspondence

A1: Committee meeting minutes, 1955-66

A2: Trust deed, articles of association

A3: Advisory Council

A4: Funding of BAAS

A5: Thislethwaite: Chairman, 1955-59

A6: Nicholas: Chairman, 1959-62

A7: Welland : Treasurer, 1955-62

A8: Shepperson: Editor, Bulletin & Newsletter

B: Rockefeller Grant

The Rockefeller Foundation made money available to the University of Manchester to be administered in conjunction with the BAAS to encourage research by scholars in history, literature and institutions of the United States

B1: Early negotiations for grant up to 1958

B2: Manchester University

Includes correspondence re finance, budgets and reports for each year of the grant


B3: Travel & research fellowships:

/a: Committee of award, applications, and fellows for year 1: 1958-59

/b: Committee of award, applications, and fellows for year 2: 1959-60

/c: Committee of award, applications, and fellows for year 3: 1960-61

/d: Committee of award, applications, and fellows for year 4: 1961-62

/e: Committee of award, applications, and fellows for year 5: 1962-63


B4: Conferences

[Most of the correspondence was destroyed by the BAAS]

The following files contain programmes, list of participants, circulars and some copies of letters:

/a: Selwyn College , Cambridge , 1956

/b: Nottingham , 1957

/c: Aberystwyth, 1958 (members only)

/d: Oxford , 1959 (members and non-members)

/e: Cumberland Lodge, Jan 1960

/f: Bristol , 1960 (members only)

/g: Manchester , 1961 (members and non-members)

h/ Exeter , 1962 (Conference I for members; Conference II for teachers in schools and training colleges)

B5: Microfilm

Includes applications for awards, correspondence relating to grants made over the 5 years

B6: Report to Rockefeller Foundation on 5 year grant

C: United States Information Service [USIS] Grant for Survey of Sources, 1956-62

C1: Early negotiations and contract

C2: Guide to manuscripts:

/a: Negotiations with Oxford University Press

Includes contract and some correspondence re printing [most of the correspondence destroyed by BAAS]

/b: Publicity

Includes list of members receiving copies at discount


C3: List of American Newspapers in British Libraries

C4: Library holdings of printed books

Includes file copies of checklists and correspondence re Crick’s article on the results which was published in the Journal of Documentation, Sep 1958 with offprints of article

C5: Emigrant Letter Collection

D: Miscellaneous foundations, institutions, etc

D2: Ford Foundation

Includes correspondence re adult education lecturers and travel grant to Hopkins , 1960

D4: United States Information Service [USIS], Oct 1957- [see C above for files re USIS Grant for Survey]

/a: Miscellaneous correspondence

Includes correspondence re visas for BAAS fellows; Bode’s donation to BAAS; proposed Johnson Foundation Conference; grants to adult education lecturers to visit USA

/b: proposed survey of ‘Teaching of American Subjects in British Universities and Schools’

D5: United States Educational Commission in the United Kingdom

Includes lists of Fulbright scholars; correspondence re BAAS fellows; ‘Ford’ grants made through the Fulbright Commission, 1961 and 1962

D6: American Studies Association

Includes correspondence on affiliation for BAAS fellows

D7: Commonwealth Fund Book Grant, 1956-58


Committee minutes

Minutes of Committee and Annual General Meetings: Jul 1955 – Jul 1967; Oct 1967 – Jan 1975; Apr 1975 – Jan 1978; Apr 1978 – Oct 1979


Minutes of Committee and Annual General Meetings: Jan 1980 – July 1982; Oct 1982 – Jan 1985


Minutes of Executive Committee and Annual General Meetings and agenda papers and correspondence: Apr 1988 – Jan 1999

AGM minutes included in sequence of minutes of Executive Committee Meetings: No. 169, April 1988 – No. 218 , Jan 1999


Minutes of Executive Committee and Annual General Meetings and agenda papers and correspondence : Mar 1999 – Sep 2000
AGM minutes included in sequence of minutes Of Executive Committee Meetings: No. 219 March 1999 – No. 225 Sep 2000


Committee correspondence

Committee correspondence (general) (4 files): 1974-1975; 1976; 1977; 1978-1984


Publications Sub-Committee correspondence (3 files): 1971-1973; 1974-1980; 1987-1994+


Microfilms Sub-Committee correspondence and copy minutes (2 files): 1964-1973; 1975-1986


Sub-Committee on American Studies in Schools & Colleges correspondence (1 file): 1975-1980

Education Sub-Committee correspondence (3 files): 1980; 1981-1985; 1989-1991+

Conference Sub-Committee: 1990-1994+

Development Sub-Committee: 1991-1993+

Officers and other correspondence

BOX 10

Treasurer’s general correspondence and balance sheets: 1958-1962

BOX 11

Treasurer’s general correspondence (6 files): 1969; 1970-71; 1972; 1973; 1978-1980; 1981-1983

Secretary’s general correspondence (1 file): 1965-1979

BOX 12

Correspondence re publication of Bulletin & Journal of American Studies by Cambridge University Press (4 files): 1964-1966; 1967-1968; 1967-1976; 1977-1980

BOX 13

Correspondence relating to reprint of the Guide to Manuscripts relating to America : 1975-1978

Correspondence relating to the European Association for American Studies: 1969-1975

Correspondence relating to the Philadelphia Bicentennial Meeting of the American Studies Association and the British Association for American Studies, 1-4 April 1976: 1973-1976

Correspondence relating to the new regulations for A level history syllabi and the impact on American History: 1971-1973

Correspondence relating to the Chairmanship of the BAAS: 1982

Correspondence of Professor Marcus Cunliffe with Professor Walter Johnson and Dr Trusten Russell of USA re funding opportunities in America for awards for British scholars in American Studies: 1962

Miscellaneous correspondence and records, 1961-1968 [for Association archives] (includes miscellaneous material of a later date): 1960s-1980s

BOX 14

BAAS/American Council of Learned Societies [ACLS] Fellowships

ACLS is a federation of scholarly organisations and societies in the USA , founded in 1919, concerned with humanities and the humanistic elements of the social sciences. From the early 1960s, it offered fellowships to scholars from around the world for research in the fields of American Studies. From 1978, the BAAS and the ACLS have jointly funded the fellowship programme and the BAAS has raised its funds by appeals and voluntary contributions from members. In addition to these fellowships for longer term research (for visits of six months to a year), the BAAS also introduced its own programme of Short Term Travel Grants

Correspondence with ACLS: 1967-1970

Correspondence of ACLS/BAAS Fellowships Sub-Committee (2 files): 1977-1980; 1980-1983

Correspondence of Professor P J Parish(Chairman of BAAS) re ACLS/BAAS Fellowships (2 files): 1977-1979; 1979-1980

BOX 15

Correspondence of Professor Esmond Wright re ACLS/BAAS Fellowships: 1977-1978

Applications for awards of ACLS and ACLS/BAAS Fellowships and associated correspondence (4 files): 1972; 1974-1975; 1975-1976; 1977-1978

Correspondence re finance, funding, appeals (4 files): 1981-1983


BAAS Short Term Travel Grant Applications

Applications and associated correspondence (4 files: *1989/90, *1992/93; *1993, *1994): 1989-1994


+Applications and associated correspondence (5 files: *1995, *1996 +1997/98; +1998/99,

+1999/2000): 1995-2000

BOX 16


Edinburgh : 1963

University of Kent : 1964

Leeds : 1965

Southampton, 1-4 April: 1966

Churchill College , Cambridge , 5-8 April: 1968

Belfast , 28-31 March: 1969

University of East Anglia , 14-17 April: 1970

St Aidan’s College, University of Durham , 14-17 April (Annual Conference & Teachers Conference): 1972

Rutherford College , University of Kent , 13-16 April: 1973

Ferens Hall, University of Hull , 29 March-1 April: 1974

Glasgow, 4-7 April: 1975

Birmingham (Annual Conference & Teachers Conference): 1976

St Catherine’s College, Oxford : 1977

Swansea : 1978

Dundee : 1979

Lancaster : 1980

Liverpool : 1981

Nottingham : 1982

Edinburgh : 1983

BOX 17

BOX 18


Membership application forms and membership lists and cards: 1950s-1980s

Membership correspondence: 1974

BOX 19

BAAS Publications


Nos. 1-19 1959-1969

Nos. 21-26 1970-1972

Nos. 28-31 1973-1975

**No. 57 Jan 1988

**No. 58 Jul 1988

*No. 62 Jul 1990

**No. 64 Jul 1991

*No. 65 Jan 1992

**No. 71 Jan 1995

**No. 73 Jan 1996

**Nos. 75-77 Autumn 1996-Autumn 1997

+No. 78 Spring/Summer 1998

+No. 79 Autumn/Winter 1998

**Nos. 83-91 Autumn 2000-Autumn 2004

[With issue No. 79 the Newsletter became known as American Studies in Britain ]


No. 1 Apr 1956

No. 4 Apr 1957

No. 5 Sep 1957

No. 8 Feb 1959

No. 9 Nov1959

*Supplement to Bulletin No. 7: 1958

List of American Newspapers up to 1940, held by libraries in Great Britain and Ireland by B R Crick & Anne Daltrop (Edinburgh, 1958)

BOX 20

*Bulletin, New Series Nos. 1-12/13(12 volumes): Sep 1960-1966

Books on America Series

[The purpose of this series of bibliographies issued by the BAAS was to help schools, public libraries and institutions of higher learning in making purchases of books and other materials relating to America. The series was begun in 1963 with the assistance of a grant made by the American Council of Learned Societies]

No. 1 Books on America for teenagers . By Helen Morris 1963

No. 2 Books on America for sixth formers . By John Roberts 1963

No. 3 Books on America . American History . By J R Pole 1964

American Studies Library Newsletter , bi-annual publication of the BAAS Library & Resources Sub-Committee (published Jan & Jul): added to on a regular basis

**No. 43, Jan 1997

Nos. 47- , Jan 1999-

[The Sub-Committee aims to bring together librarians with American Studies interests, to advise on library provision for American Studies and to initiate and co-ordinate bibliographic projects for scholars and librarians working in the field]

The Study of USA in British Education 1963-64. 1964

Report prepared under the sponsorship of BAAS by Jim Potter

*British Records relating to America in Microform Series

[Published by Micro Methods Ltd in conjunction with the BAAS; in advice of the general editor, appointed by BAAS, Micro Methods Ltd prepares for publication in microform, major collections of manuscripts and primary printed material (newspapers, pamphlets etc) in British repositories, libraries etc]

The Hobhouse Papers 1722-1755. Introduction by W E Minchinton 1971

*List of micro-form publications of British records relating to America . Publication details and price lists(2 items): 1965; 1971

**BOX 21

Over Here: Reviews in American Studies Vol 1 no 1 (Spring 1980) – Vol 16 no 2 (Autumn 1996): 1980-1999

[An interdisciplinary journal of American Studies, mainly consisting of review essays and short reviews, produced in the East Midlands by either Nottingham University or The Nottingham Trent University, edited by a small board drawn from American Studies departments nationally. Founded in 1980 and supported by BAAS.]

BOX 22

** Over Here: Reviews in American Studies Vol 17 no 1 (Spring 1997)- Vol 18 no 3 (Autumn 1999)

**Report entitled Proposal for Manchester University Press to assume production responsibilities for ‘Over Here’as a reformulated journal of American culture.

+BAAS Postgraduate Prize Essay Competition

Correspondence and copies of some essays submitted (4 files: 1995-96, 1998, 1999, 2000): 1995-2000

[Papers of Professor Wright (1 file)

Papers of Professor Welland (3 files)]

BOX 23

$ Tape recordings of interviews with former Chairs of BAAS

Tape recordings made by Dr Richard Murphy of interviews with former Chairs of the British Association for American Studies: Professor Harry Allen, Professor Peter Parish, Professor Herbert Nicholas, Professor Howard Temperley, Professor Esmond Wright, Professor George (Sam) Shepperson, Dr Frank Thistlethwaite, Professor Dennis Welland, Professor Charlotte Erickson 1990

$ Essay about the history of BAAS

Short essay by Professor Michael Heale about the tapes and the history of BAAS including a list of the Chairs of BAAS, 1955-89: 2005