BAAS Paperbacks are published by Edinburgh University Press in association with the British Association for American Studies.

BAAS Paperbacks has two new Series Editors who, along with Edinburgh University Press, wish to promote and develop BAAS Paperbacks as the definitive series of lively, accessible and focused books (70,000 words maximum) in any field or subfield of American Studies. Volumes in the series combine overviews of the subject with original research and are vigorously marketed by Edinburgh University Press in the UK and via Oxford University Press in North America.

Volumes can be pitched within a single discipline or with an interdisciplinary focus. In particular, we are keen to recruit proposals relating to areas where we feel the series needs developing, including all areas of pre-twentieth century research; regional, urban and transnational studies; the history of borderlands, ethnicity and citizenship; colonial and revolutionary America; gender and sexuality; international relations; literary and film genres, contemporary events; public and intellectual cultures; and visual technologies. The book should be appropriate for adoption as required reading on relevant undergraduate courses. 

How to publish

Please do contact us with your ideas for potential books, which can be either thematic or chronological in scope. Contact the editors below:

Books in the BAAS Paperbacks series.