BAAS Elections 2018

Following the adoption of a new constitution at the last AGM, this year BAAS elections will include advance electronic voting (for those members who cannot attend the annual conference), as well as an AGM ballot.

Nominations for all posts are now closed and statements from candidates are posted here for your consultation.


There are two candidates whose statements are available via the following link: BAASElection2018Treasurer.

If you cannot attend the annual conference in London and would like to cast your vote in advance, please use the email proforma below.


Postgraduate Representative

The candidate’s statement is available via the following link: BAASElection2018PostgradRep.

As there is only one candidate for this post, the unopposed election of Olivia Wright will be confirmed at the AGM.


Executive Committee Ordinary Member (x 3 posts)

There are three candidates whose statements are available via the following link: BAASElection2018OrdinaryMember.  As there are three posts, the unopposed election of Michael Collins, Laura MacDonald and Chris Parkes will be confirmed at the AGM.


Advance Voting Instructions

Advance voting is open until a deadline of midnight on Wednesday, 4 April 2018.  Votes received after this time will not be counted. As usual BAAS elections use a single transferable vote system, which requires you to rank candidates in order of preference.


Advance ballots should be cast by email, closely adhering to the format here: Email Ballot Proforma 2018. Ballots that do not follow this form will not be counted. Please send them to (This is a dedicated email address, accessible only to two independent election scrutineers and not the Secretary nor any other member of the executive.)


You will need your BAAS membership number in order to vote. You can find this by logging into the BAAS website (the login is in the top left hand corner of the front page), and then clicking on Members Area. Only current members of BAAS are eligible to vote.