45forthe45th can offer a unique opportunity for (at least) 45 young people between the ages of 18-25 to work on a primary or Presidential campaign of their choice, either Democrat or Republican and then bring those skills and experiences back and make a difference in UK politics.It is an educative programme as we want to get young people invigorated by the way the US still does community campaigning and that active citizenship in local communities still really matters. The programme operates fully within the requirements of US election campaign laws and is strictly non-partisan.We endeavour to do our best to make this trip as inexpensive as possible and are in contact with companies who are looking to sponsor students for this project. However we cannot guarantee that this will happen, therefore we are preparing students beforehand that they may need to raise some of the funds for this opportunity.  We want to emphasise that we will not be handling any of the students own funds in this process. We also do not take any salary for our work on this or even cover our own costs – we have funded this ourselves as we believe in it.

We think they would be best placed in the swing states where the campaigns will be at their most active and they will have most to learn and will stay for approximately two weeks.

When they return there will be a national conference connecting with the national political parties over here to share the learning and contribute to the thinking about how we improve young peoples’ connection with politics here.

We have received sponsorship in kind from a major company Penna to handle the recruitment and selection of these young people. We will be going live with the application form from 1st September and will seek to have selected our groups (poss up to 150) by end October  / mid November.

Students can register now on the website to be included in the application process. We would recommend early registration as interest is strong as we may have to operate an upper cap limit on the numbers applying.
We hope that these young people would then be available either for the primaries Feb / March 2016 onwards or for the formal post convention nominated candidates campaigns post July. Subject to their own fundraising and availability of placements they could do both!

I would be most grateful if you would allow us to advertise this opportunity to your students/members.

Gordon Kerswell-Reid




N.B. – In advertising any new opportunities or programmes, BAAS does not endorse these in any way.