We are delighted to announce the upcoming international conference “Marriage’s Global Past”, will be held 7-9 April, 2016 at Robinson College, University of Cambridge. The conference programme can be found here.

This conference, co-organised by Sarah Pearsall, University of Cambridge, and Sara McDougall, John Jay College, CUNY, will explore marriage’s history from the medieval to the modern eras. Its proceedings will form a special issue of the journal Gender & History, which along with the Mellon Fund for American History at Cambridge, is generously funding the conference.

The presenters hail from all over the globe, and will present scholarship that ranges from marriage between the unfree in ninth-century Europe to polygamy in nineteenth-century Fiji to practices of same-sex marriage in the twentieth-century United States. We are especially pleased that Professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich of Harvard University will offer the keynote address.

If you wish to register to attend the conference, or have questions about it, please contact Kennedy Sanderson (kas84@cam.ac.uk).

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