Registration open for the War and Conflict in American Society and Culture symposium, 18 February, British Library

Registration is now open for the ‘War and Conflict in American Society and Culture’ symposium to be held at the British Library on Saturday 18 February 2017.

Organised by HOTCUS and hosted by the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, the symposium will feature a keynote from Professor Joanna Bourke (Birkbeck, University of London).

2017 marks the hundredth anniversary of US entry into the First World War. That conflict saw the emergence of the US as a global military power, but also had a profound impact on American society and culture. In subsequent years, war and conflict of various sorts have shaped the way that Americans think about their place in the world and their relationships with each other, and has moulded the way that the US is viewed in international and transnational contexts.

This one-day symposium will explore and re-assess the impact of war and conflict on US society and culture during the twentieth century.
Registration is £25.00 for full delegates and £17.50 for postgraduates delegates. Included in the registration fee are tea, coffee and other refreshments throughout the day, as well as the cost of lunch.

To see the full programme and to book, visit:

Please direct any questions about the symposium to the organisers, Dr Nick Witham (UCL) and Dr Cara Rodway (Eccles Centre, British Library)