U.S. Studies Online Keynote Competition

This year’s USSO keynote competition will be in collaboration with the Postgraduate BAAS conference, to be held on 3 November at Northumbria University. The winning entrant will be the Keynote speaker at PG BAAS and will also be awarded a £100 book token.

The proposed Keynote must: – Relate to the theme of the conference, ‘America’s Urgent and Great Problems: Antecedents and Legacies of 1968’. – Draw on entrants own original research and use a selection of visual material. – Be 30 minutes in length, and allow for an additional 15 minutes for questions. To enter send an academic CV, a 350-word abstract, and examples of visual material that will be used to usso@baas.ac.uk by Friday 5 October, 2018.

Entries will be judged by a panel including the USSO editorial team, PG BAAS conference organisers, and a member of the BAAS Executive Committee. The winner will be notified by 12October. Please contact the editorial team with any questions.

For further details see: https://www.baas.ac.uk/usso/keynote-competition-2018/