Since the US elections, spies, espionage and covert action are back on the front pages. Covert action has a long history in both Britain and the US. This project is funded by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award. The project has three main aims. First, the project aims at establishing a network of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) working on covert action in US and UK history. This network will provide an opportunity to share research and discuss developments in the discipline. Second, the project aims at engaging teachers and students from secondary schools in the study of the topic. A networking event in May, will give ECRs the opportunity to meet and share their research. Having established an ECR network, the project will reach out to secondary schools. An engagement and continuing professional development event will be held in Swansea University in September. The event will give academics and teachers the opportunity to get together and discuss avenues to include covert action in secondary school education both as a curricular and extra-curricular activity. Finally, the project aims at establishing a longer-term collaboration with schools. This will include seminars and presentations conducted by ECRs in interested schools and essay writing competitions.

We are looking for three main types of contributions to our website:

1) Blog posts (400-600) words. These could discuss: your research, your experience in teaching covert action (in your modules or in schools), topics of interest connected to the project,

2) Reviews: we are interested in reviews of books (both academic books and more journalistic ones), tv series and movies dealing with covert action. In particular, we are interested in 3 main categories: classics of intelligence and covert action, new material on the topic, sources that inspired you to research/study the topic. These reviews can either be ‘Flash’ reviews (i.e. very short ones like the ‘capsule reviews’ in Foreign Affairs) or longer reviews (up to 1000 words). The reviews will be included in the planned Teaching handbook to be distributed to participating schools.

3) Suggestions of links and resources: archives, document databases, photo galleries and other links.

We are very excited to start this project. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter @OotsProject. For more information and expressions of interested, please get in touch with the with the project leader: