Art, Politics and Performance in the Black Atlantic 1789-2016 – April 14-15 2016
The Institute for Black Atlantic Studies (IBAR) at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston is excited to present this symposium which includes two highly acclaimed performances as well as a dynamic academic programme.
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Thursday 14 April    Tayo Aluko in the internationally acclaimed Call Mr Robeson
Friday 15 April    Benbo Productions from Dublin’s Performance of The Cambria
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Keynote Speakers: 
Professor George Lipsitz (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Professor Lisa Merrill (Hofstra University),
Professor Barbara Tomlinson (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier (University of Nottingham)
Visual and Performance Artist:
Jade Montserrat will present on “The Rainbow Tribe”, her exploration of Josephine Baker
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