UK Premiere: THE OTHER SIDE + director Q&A
20 April 2016, 20:15
ICA, London

Tender and disturbing scenes of the American periphery.

In an invisible territory at the margins of society, at the border between anarchy and illegality, lives a wounded community that is attempting to resist the threat of being forgotten by political institutions and having their rights as citizens trampled. Disarmed veterans, taciturn adolescents, drug addicts looking for escape in love, ex-special forces soldiers still at war with the world, floundering young women and future mothers, and the elderly who have not lost their desire to live, all populate this world. Through this hidden pocket of humanity, a window opens onto the abyss of contemporary America.

2015. Dir. Roberto Minervini. 92mins

UK Premiere: UNCERTAIN + director Q&A
27 April 2016, 20:15
ICA, London

A cinematic and disarmingly funny portrait of the troubled waters of Uncertain,Texas.

A town with 94 inhabitants sits on the brink of extinction and quite literally on the edge of a vast, swampy lake that is being choked by an aquatic weed, upsetting the natural balance and the town’s only source of livelihood. In a town so tucked away “you’ve got to be lost to find it”, three Uncertain men make their own bids for survival in looking for a more certain future. An ex-convict becomes obsessed with hunting Mr. Ed, a gigantic boar, in order to stay sober. A young diabetic with big ideas but few prospects fights for a bigger life. An ageing fisherman reluctantly lets go of his youthful ways and makes peace with one fateful moment thirty years ago.

USA, 2015. Dir. Ewan McNicol, Anna Sandilands. 82mins
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