UCL Americas Research Network UCL, Institute of the Americas
th Annual Conference
3-4 May 2018 

Call for Academic Papers: Intersections in the Americas 

With support of the Institute of the Americas and the UCL Doctoral School we are pleased to present the 4th Annual Conference of the Americas Research Network: Intersections in the Americas to be held at UCL, Institute of the Americas from 3-4 May, 2018. We are also very excited to announce our three Keynote Speakers: Dr Kate Quinn (University College London), Dr Jelke Boesten (King’s College London), Dr. Althea Legal-Miller (Canterbury Christ Church University).

The Americas Research Network welcomes proposals on any aspect related to the theme of Intersections in the Americas, covering a range of periods and regions in the hemisphere. Papers of an interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome and we invite current postgraduate students and early career researchers alike to apply.

Our theme for the conference this year draws on contemporary issues of division in the geopolitical, societal and domestic spheres. Today, the need to interrogate the concept of intersections between peoples, nations, cultures, ideologies and historical periods is increasingly clear. The relevance of intersections to the Americas can be read in terms of climate change, development, security and growing political tensions. A paper might explore the meeting point between cultures, geopolitical players, the junction between modernity and the past, and the intersection between differing political and cultural mentalities in an increasingly polarised world. Suggested themes include, but are not limited to, inequality, modernity and change. While study of intersections has gained prominence thanks to civil rights groups including LGBT, feminist and anti-racism campaigners and scholars, we welcome this theme to be used as a metaphor not only for the interconnection between oppressive institutions but also the crossing of paths, the meeting of polarities and the overcoming of dichotomies. We invite submissions that draw on any of these strands of thought.
The committee invites proposals for individual papers of 15 – 20 minutes duration. Each session will include 3-4 papers. We also welcome applications for full panels of 3-4 papers. Scholars are not expected to present papers for more than one session.

Proposals should be submitted online to ia.americasresnet@ucl.ac.uk by 4pm on Monday 4th December, 2017. 

Single paper submissions should submit the following:

  • Title of the paper being proposed
  • Short abstract of 300-500 words
  • Key words
  • Contact details