At the foundation of this scholarly gathering is the opinion that European Americanist historians, while writing on the American past, have still been often inspired by personal, cultural, public values, issues and concerns stemming from their national European locations. Most European Americanist historians have as a consequence not “gone American,” but have remained culturally and ideally French, Russian, British, (and Europeans, in spite of the admitted fuzziness of this belonging). Setting itself in the path opened by the recent book Historians Across Borders. Writing American History in a Global Age, edited in 2014 by Nicolas Barreyre, Michael Heale, Stephen Tuck and Cécile Vidal, and the “You the People” roundtable in the June 2014 issue of the American Historical Review, the two-day workshop in Torino will aim, on the one hand, to try and root national/regional US history schools in each country’s public, cultural and history-writing traditions, on the other hand to draw from the different case studies larger interpretative similarities and cleavages to be referred if not to the whole of Europe at least to large sections of it.

Organizers subsidize on a competitive basis the room and board expenses of 15 participants. Deadline to apply: 14 June 2015. To register and to find all information, visit: http://www.ceraunavoltalamerica.it/2015/05/international-workshop-torino-settembre-2015/