Call for Papers: Insiders and Outsiders: Historical Perspectives on Power Relations in Modern America.

The QMUL Biennial Symposium in American History

At a rally in North Carolina on 5 November 2016, Donald Trump described his political journey: “I went from being the ultimate insider to being an outsider like they’ve never seen before.” Three days later he was elected the 45th President of the United States. Trump’s victory is redrawing the boundaries between insiders and outsiders in modern America. Yet the construction of these categories has always been contested, and that process of contestation is key to understanding power relations in the United States.

We welcome proposals for papers that explore any aspect of this dynamic, including themes such as: populism, immigration, identity, and the public sphere(s).

Date: June 16th 2017.
Venue: Queen Mary University of London.
Keynote Speaker: Professor Mae Ngai, Columbia University.
Comment: Professor Eric Foner, Columbia University.

The QMUL Biennial Symposium in American History seeks to showcase diverse methodologies and approaches, and welcomes papers on any period of American history.

Please send paper proposals of 300-500 words plus a 1 page CV to Dr. Daniel Peart at Papers should be 20 minutes in length.

Deadline for proposals: January 15th 2017.