Art, Culture and Ethics in Black and White: 100 Years of The Birth of a Nation
The third and final symposium of the network, Art, Culture and Ethics in Black and White: 100 Years of The Birth of a Nation, takes place onFriday 13th November 2015 at the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool. Entitled The Birth of a Nation: New Perspectives in Art and Visual Culture,’ our focus will be on the film itself, its heritage yesterday and today and its preservation and its influence upon contemporary visual culture. We are particularly interested in exploring the film’s significance in today’s political and racial climate.Keynote speakers:
Associate Professor Paul McEwan                           Professor Robert Burgoyne
Muhlenbuerg College                                                  University of St. Andrews
Author of BFI Film Classics                                       Author of Film Nation: Hollywood
The Birth of a Nation (BFI).                                        Looks at U.S. History (University of
Minnesota Press).

To register your place at this symposium please email Jenny Barrett:
We actively welcome proposals for 20 minute papers or presentations from artists, writers and cultural commentators as well as scholars from academic disciplines including history, film, literature, media, politics and more. Deadline for proposals: Wednesday 30th September 2016. Enquiries and 200-word proposals to:

Jenny Barrett, Edge Hill University
Ian Scott, University of Manchester