Cambridge American History Seminar 2017-2018 

We are pleased to announce the schedule of seminars and events for the academic year 2017/18. Seminars will be held on Mondays at 5:00 PM in the Knox Shaw Room, Sidney Sussex College, unless otherwise indicated. Several of the seminars will be based on pre- circulated papers that will be made available two weeks prior to the seminar date.
All inquiries should be directed to Jonathan Goodwin,, 01223 335317.

We look forward to seeing you once term begins.

Gary Gerstle

Michaelmas Term 9 October

Gareth Davies, Associate Professor of American History and Fellow of St Anne’s College, University of Oxford
How Black Suffering Became Visible: The Racial Politics of Gulf Hurricanes Since 1945 
Discussion will be based on a pre-circulated paper

16 October:

Max Edling, Reader in Early American History, King’s College, London Peace Pact and Nation: The U.S. Constitution as a Federal Treaty Discussion will be based on a pre-circulated paper

21 October (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge), 8:55am to 7:00pm

Historians of the Twentieth Century United States (HOTCUS) Post- Graduate Conference: Contesting Power: Rights, Justice, and Dissent in America and Beyond 

Keynote lecture by Kerry Pimblott, Lecturer in International History, University of Manchester
For further details see the website:
Or contact the conference organiser, Katherine Ballantyne: (

23 October:

Mae Ngai, Lung Family Professor of Asian American Studies and Professor of History, Columbia University
The Chinese Question and Global Politics 1850-1910 
Discussion will be based on a pre-circulated paper (This will be a joint seminar with World History)

30 October (Bateman Auditorium, Gonville and Caius College), 5:00pm

Ira Katznelson, 2017-18 Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions, University of Cambridge, and Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History, Columbia University
Pitt Professor Inaugural Lecture: 
‘As God Rules the Universe’: Tocquevillean Reflections on the People and the State in Early America 
(This will be a joint event with Political Thought and Intellectual History)
There will be a wine reception after the lecture in the Bateman Room, Gonville and Caius College

6 November:

Glenda Gilmore, Peter V & C Vann Woodward Professor of History, Yale University
’The Mystery That Is Left Out of History:’ Romare Bearden’s Art and the Search for an African American Past 

13 November (British Academy, London), 9:00am– 8:00pm:

British Academy Symposium: The United States and World War One: 
Exploring Political, Economic and Cultural Entanglements 
Gary Gerstle is the symposium co-organiser. CAHS participants are encouraged to attend.
This symposium will be held at the British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH
For further details please visit the website: exploring-political-economic-and-cultural

20 November:

Carl Nightingale, Professor of Transnational Studies and American Studies, University of Buffalo
From a Global History of Divided Cities to a Global Urban History 

27 November:

Julia Guarneri, Lecturer in American History and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge

Book LaunchNewsprint Metropolis: City Papers and the Making of Modern Americans (University of Chicago Press, 2017) 

Lent Term 22 January

Jonathan Levy, Professor of History, Fundamentals and the College, University of Chicago
The Golden Years? US Capitalism and the Politics of Income after WWII 
Discussion will be based on a pre-circulated paper

29 January

Elliott West, Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Professor of American History, University of Oxford, and Distinguished Professor of History, University of Arkansas
Coincidence and Empire: The United States and the Pacific 

5 February:

Emma Hart, Senior Lecturer in History, St Andrews University
Remaking the Public Good in the American Marketplace during the Early Republic 
Discussion will be based on a pre-circulated paper

12 February:

Molly Geidel, Lecturer in American Cultural History, University of Manchester
Mid-Century Liberalism and the Development Film 
Discussion will be based on a pre-circulated paper

19 February:

Rhys Jones, Junior Research Fellow, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge
Temporal Claustrophobia at the Continental Congress, 1774-1776 

26 February:

Jennifer Luff, Associate Professor of Modern American History, University of Durham
Secrets, Lies, and the ‘Special Relationship’ in the Early Cold War 
Discussion will be based on a pre-circulated paper

5 March:

Alex Goodall, Senior Lecturer in History, University College London
The US Marine Empire in the Caribbean and Central America, c.1870-1920 

12 March:

Beverly Gage, Professor of History and American Studies, and Brady-Johnson Professor of Grand Strategy, Yale University
G-Man: J. Edgar Hoover and the American Century 

Easter Term 30 April

Lizabeth Cohen, Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Harvard University
Biography as History: How Far Can a Life Take You? 

7 May:

Nathan D.B. Connolly, Herbert Baxter Adams Associate Professor of History, John Hopkins University
What’s Yours is Mine: Family and Property in an Age of Landgrabbing 

14 May

Ira Katznelson, 2017-18 Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions, University of Cambridge, and Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History, Columbia University
Fear and Democracy: Responding to Carl Schmidt 

21 May:

American History Graduate Student Conference Details to come 
Summer Event 13-14 July: 
Work and Politics in the Twenty-First Century 
International Conference at the University of Cambridge
Details to come