At the 2019 AGM, elections will be held for the post of Chair, Secretary, for two positions on the Executive Committee (three-year terms), and for one Early Career Representative (two year term), and for any other offices that fall vacant before the AGM. Current incumbents of these positions may stand for re-election if not disbarred by the Constitution’s limits on length of continuous service in Committee posts, nor by clauses relating to particular roles.

The AGM will be on Thursday 25 April 2019 at the venue of this year’s conference in Brighton. Elections can only take place if the meeting is quorate; please make every effort to attend.

Following the adoption of a new constitution in 2016, BAAS elections will include advance electronic voting (for those members who cannot attend the annual conference), as well as an AGM ballot.

The procedure for nominations is as follows: Nominations should reach Ben Offiler ( by the strict deadline of midnight on Sunday 24 March 2019.

Nominations should be on the appropriate written form, signed by a proposer, seconder, and the candidate, who should state willingness to serve if elected. Electronic signatures are acceptable. The institutional affiliations of the candidate, proposer and seconder should be included. The proposer and seconder should not be from the candidate’s own institution. All candidates for office will be asked to provide a brief statement outlining their educational backgrounds, areas of teaching and/or research interests and their vision of the role of BAAS in the upcoming years. We also ask that those standing for election give consideration to matters of equality and diversity in their statements, and include any suggestions for approaches or initiatives in this area. Statements need to be sent to Ben Offiler at the time of nomination so that they can be posted online; they will also be made available for the membership to read at the conference before the AGM. Those standing for election are expected to be BAAS members and to attend the AGM.

Nomination forms can be downloaded at the following link: BAAS Election Notice April 2019


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