57th Annual Conference

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Plenary Speakers:

Joyce Chaplin, James Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History at Harvard University

Thomas Doherty, Professor of American Studies at Brandeis University

Peter Coates, Professor of American and Environmental History at Bristol University

The fifty-seventh annual conference of the British Association for American Studies will be hosted by the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Manchester from 12-15 April, 2012.

While there is no over-arching theme to the conference, and papers and panel proposals are welcomed on any subject related to the United States and early America, we especially look forward to receiving approaches from those with interests in Sino-American and Canadian-American cultural, economic and diplomatic relations this year as well as interests in commmemoration the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

In addition we are very keen to encourage panel proposals from associations linked, or with close ties, to BAAS, such as the APG, BGEAH, BRANCH, and HOTCUS. We intend to feature work from as diverse a range of disciplines, departments, institutions and individuals as possible and we want to reiterate BAAS’s wish to encourage innovation and initiative in constructing panels, roundtable discussions, and specially scheduled sessions.

The University of Manchester was the home of the first American Studies programme in the UK, founded in September 1947. Since then, it has had a pioneering role in the development of the discipline in this country. In the 2000s, as part of a revamped department and playing an integral role in the newly amalgamated University after 2004, the programme has gone from strength to strength.

The department achieved 2nd place in the 2008 RAE, while American Studies has been the only programme at the university to feature in the Top 5 of all three league tables (The Times, The Guardian, and The Complete University Guide) for three years running from 2009.

The interests of the team range from blaxpoitation cinema to British musical connections to the South, from Civil War history to Truman Capote, from Colonial-era horse racing to cultural representations of AIDs, and from the culture of the market to the culture of political movies. Manchester’s own links across the Atlantic stretch far and wide and evidence of the city’s many historical and contemporary connections with North America abound, from public monuments to musical culture, from football to finance.

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