Negro Anthology – Facsimile

Republished for the first time in its entirety and integrity
Release on December 2016
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1000 copies printed in 1934, scarcely distributed, and never before published in its entirety or integrity, the Negro Anthology, a comprehensive collage of informative documents, melds popular culture, sociology, politics, history, and art history. The Negro Anthology includes archives, reports, press and literature excerpts, photographs, statistics, political discourse, proverbs, brochures, and poems that express the true condition of blacks in America, Africa, and Europe during the 1930s.

The one hundred and fifty authors of the Negro Anthology are black, white, women, men, politically involved or not, athletes, journalists, anthropologists, historians, writers, poets, musicians, singers, scholars, and activists. Certain among them were colonized, discriminated, and segregated.
Negro Anthology is the poetic-political work of one woman. Poet, collector of non-Western art, model, publisher, and journalist, Nancy Cunard embodies the modernity of the 1920s and serves as a unique bridge between the Anglo-Saxon and the French avant-garde. Published in English, the francophone versions of the texts (Crevel, Peret …) were translated by Beckett.

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872 pages, 155 contributors, 230 texts, more than 380 documents extended with 56 pages critical analysis
Dimensions 24,5 x 31 cm I N I 872 pages of facsimile in brown ink I E I 56 pages of introduction inburntorangeink IGI Rare and rich illustrations I R ITop edge in Brown and headband in burnt orange I O I Brown linen hardcover with rust embossed lettering and map.