Welcome to the postgraduate section of the BAAS website! BAAS has a long history of supporting the UK-based American Studies postgraduate community. From offering financial support postgraduate conferences to annual prizes for essays and research trips in the US and elsewhere, BAAS acknowledges the significant contributions made by postgraduates in sustaining and rejuvenating the multidisciplinary field of America Studies. In addition, through the election of a postgraduate representative to the Executive Committee, BAAS is able to respond to the real needs and concerns of postgraduates in the field.  We offer concessionary membership fees and hold an annual postgraduate conference.



For the first time, the 2019 BAAS Postgraduate Conference is being held at the British Library. BAAS is looking for applications from individuals who are interested in co-organising the conference with another PG student and the Eccles Centre team. For more information on the role and how to apply, click here. Get in touch with PG rep Olivia Wright with any questions at Olivia.Wright1@nottingham.ac.uk or @BAAS_pgs on Twitter.



Our annual postgraduate conference is designed to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where postgraduates and early career researchers can meet, forge connections, and share research.  You can find details of the previous postgraduate conferences below:



2018 – Northumbria University

Theme – America’s Urgent and Great Problems: Antecedents and Legacies of 1968



2017 – University of Essex

Theme – Post Truth & American Myths



2016 – University of Leeds

Theme – Negotiating the Borders and Boundaries of Americanism



2015 – University of Glasgow/University of Strathclyde

Theme – Collaboration in America and Collaborative Work in American Studies



2014 – University of Sussex

Theme – Protest: Resistance and Dissent in America



2013 – University of Nottingham

Theme – “Homeward Bound”: Nation, Belonging, and the American Home





The current postgraduate representative for BAAS is Olivia Wright (University of Nottingham).  Please feel free to get in touch with her regarding any and all postgraduate queries,

Email: Olivia.Wright1@nottingham.ac.uk                  Twitter: @baas_pg



BAAS PG IAAS Conference Bursary

As part of a reciprocal arrangement with the Irish Association for American Studies (IAAS), this BAAS scheme is for two awards of up to £250 each to be made annually to two postgraduate members of BAAS, to aid travelling expenses to IAAS events. One award is to attend and present at the annual IAAS postgraduate symposium; the other is to attend and present at the annual IAAS conference (April). An application form and information on how to apply is available here. The closing date for applications is 27th March 2018.

BAAS Postgraduate Short-Term Travel Awards

This award is to support research based travel to the USA.  Successful candidates are required to provide a brief report of their research trip for publication in American Studies in Britain, and they are requested to acknowledge the assistance of BAAS in any other publication that results from research carried out during the tenure of the award. Membership of BAAS is mandatory in order to be eligible to receive these awards.  Further information available here.

BAAS Postgraduate Essay Prize

This award is for the best essay-length piece of work on an American Studies topic written by a student currently registered for a postgraduate degree at a university or equivalent institution in Britain. The value of the prize will normally be £500. Further information available here.

The Ambassador’s Awards

There are three awards on offer: for Postgraduates, Undergraduates and a School Essay prize.  We are looking for essays that explore any aspect of the American experience, from the perspective of history, literature, film, politics or any other related or inter-related discipline. The award will be a £1,000 research grant to fund research or conference attendance in the United States. Further information available here (link).