2019-2020 BAAS Prize Winners


BAAS Honorary Fellowship:

  • Sue Currell, University of Sussex


BAAS Book Prize:

  • Eithne Quinn, The University of Manchester, for her book: A Piece of the Action: Race and Labor in Post-Civil Rights Hollywood (Columbia University Press, 2019)

Honourable Mentions:

  • Pekka Hämäläinen, University of Oxford, for her book: Lakota America: A New History of Indigenous Power (Yale University Press, 2019)
  • Sarah Miller-Davenport, The University of Sheffield, for her book: Gateway State: Hawai‘i and the Cultural Transformation of American Empire (Princeton University Press, 2019)


BAAS Founders’ Research Travel Award:

  • Sarah Barnsley, Goldsmiths, University of London, for research on Mary Barnard’s Poems
  • Sam Edwards, Manchester Metropolitan University, for research on the American Expeditionary Force in Britain
  • Jeffrey Geiger, University of Essex, for research on Colour Film
  • Thomas Tunstall Allcock, University of Manchester, for research on Cold War Diplomacy


BAAS Public Engagement and Impact Award: 

  • Jessica Mehta, University of Exeter for “White Alliahs:” The Creation & Perpetuation of the Wise Indian Trope”


BAAS Early Career Short Term Travel Award:

  • Rachael Alexander, University of Strathclyde – for research on Anne Harriet Fish and Gordon Conway
  • Alex Ferguson, University of Southampton – for research on U.S. Policy in Vietnam


BAAS Short-Term Travel Awards:

A number of short-term awards are available to postgraduates at UK institutions of higher education. Some of the travel grants relate to named awards: The Malcolm Bradbury Award (for the best proposal in American literary studies); The Marcus Cunliffe Award (American Studies); The John D. Lees Award (American political studies); The Abraham Lincoln Award (nineteenth-century US history and culture); The Peter Parish Award (American history).

  • Peter Parish Award – Ellie Armon Azoulay, University of Kent, for Collectors of African American Folk Music in the U.S. South
  • John D Lees Award – Steven K. Driver, University College London, for U.S. Foreign Policy and Religion during the Occupation Era, 1912-193
  • Abraham Lincoln Award – Katherine Burns, The University of Edinburgh, for “Keep this Unwritten History”: African American Families’ Search for Identity in “Information Wanted” Advertisements, 1880-1902
  • Marcus Cunliffe Award – Ya’ara Notea, King’s College London, for American Girls’ Fiction in the Twentieth Century
  • Malcolm Bradbury Award – Deborah Snow Molloy, University of Glasgow, for The Literary Geography of Female Mental Illness in New York Women’s Literature, 1920-1945


BAAS Postgraduate Travel Awards:

  • Rebecca Slatcher, The University of Hull, for North American Indigenous Languages in the British Library’s (BL) post-1850 Collections


BAAS Postgraduate Essay Prize

  • Katherine Reed, The University of Manchester, for “Commemoration of the Living: A Fragment of Child’s Graffiti from Ellis Island Immigration Station, 1922”

Honourable Mention:

  • Noah Remnick, University of Oxford, for “Cops in the Corridors How Police Came to Patrol New York City Schools”


BAAS Undergraduate Essay Prize

  • Siobhan Owen, University of Exeter, for “Delivering the Whale: Women’s Labour and the Production of Moby-Dick”
  • Honourable Mention – Mark Parker, University of Bristol, for “How can Foucauldian theory nuance existing understandings of the 1969- 1971 Alcatraz occupation?”


BAAS School Essay Prize

  • Sam Menzies, Kingston Grammar School, Kingston upon Thames, for “Which political dynasty is the most influential in US politics and history?”


BAAS Graduate Assistantship in Southern Studies, University of Mississippi:

  • Lily-Pearl Benn, University of Hull


BAAS Graduate Teaching Assistantship, University of New Hampshire:

  • Matilda Vojak, University of Sussex


The Arthur Miller Institute Prizes:

The Arthur Miller Institute at the University of East Anglia makes two annual awards for the best journal length article on any American Studies topic in the preceding calendar year and the best first book published in the preceding calendar year.

  • Arthur Miller Institute First Book Prize – Charlie Laderman, King’s College London, for his book Sharing the Burden: The Armenian Question, Humanitarian Intervention, and Anglo-American Visions of Global Order (Oxford University Press, 2019)
  • Arthur Miller Institute Article Prize – Clive Webb, University of Sussex, for his article “The Nazi Persecution of Jews and the African American Freedom Struggle”
  • Arthur Miller Institute Article Prize, Honourable Mention – Kaeten Mistry, University of East Anglia, for her article “A Transnational Protest against the National Security State: Whistle- Blowing, Philip Agee, and Networks of Dissent”


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