Report from Jonathan Singerton, BAAS Peter Parish Award Recipient 2016

The BAAS Peter Parish Award allowed me to undertake archival research in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia on the connections between the Habsburg Monarchy and the American Revolution, writes Jonathan Singerton. Without this valuable time I would not have been able to complete the final chapters of my PhD which focus on the economic, migration and constitutional links in early US-Habsburg relations.

Report From Joe Ryan-Hume, Eccles Centre Postgraduate Fellow

The British Library archives on 1980s liberal champion Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY.) were fundamental to my research into liberalism in Reagan’s America, writes Joe Ryan-Hume, Eccles Centre Postgraduate Fellow. Looking into Moynihan’s papers on Social Security has helped me to contest the argument that the history of 1980s liberalism is one of incompetence and ineffectiveness.