This series of pamphlets, published by the British Association for American Studies, was a series designed to make widely available the fruits of research and thinking on major problems in all areas of American Studies.

Now discontinued, this series has been replaced by a new paperback series. 23 of the 28 pamphlets are now available free on this website.

  1. Peter J. Parish, Slavery: the Many Faces of a Southern Institution
  2. J.A. Thompson, Progressivism 
  3. John D. Lees, The President and the Supreme Court: New Deal to Watergate 
  4. Philip Davies, The Metropolitan Mosaic: Problems of the Contemporary City 
  5. Stan Smith, A Sadly Contracted Hero: the Comic Self in Post-War American Fiction
  6. Robert H. Fossum & John K. Roth, The American Dream 
  7. James T. Patterson, The Welfare State in America, 1930-1980 
  8. David Murray, Modern Indians 
  9. Malcolm Bradbury, The Expatriate Tradition in American Literature
  10. Edward A. Abramson, The Immigrant Experience in American Literature 
  11. A. Robert Lee, Black American Fiction since Richard Wright
  12. Mick Gidley, American Photography
  13. Edward Countryman, The People’s American Revolution 
  14. Michael Allen, Emily Dickinson as an American Provincial Poet 
  15. W.A. Speck, British America 1607-1776 
  16. Brian Lee, Hollywood 
  17. David Timms, Nathaniel Hawthorne 
  18. Richard Crockatt, The United States and the Cold War 1941-53 
  19. Michael Woodiwiss, Organized Crime, USA: Changing Perceptions from Prohibition to the Present Day
  20. Jay Kleinberg, Women in American Society 1820-1920
  21. John White, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement in America 
  22. John Dumbrell, Vietnam: American Involvement at Home and Abroad 
  23. Ralph Willett, Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction 
  24. Richard Walsh, Radical Theatre in the Sixties and Seventies 
  25. Geoff Ward, Language Poetry and the American Avant-garde 
  26. Peter Coates, In Nature’s Defence: Americans and Conservation 
  27. Shirley Foster, American Women Travellers to Europe in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries 
  28. Mark Jancovich, American Horror from 1951