About Saskia McCracken

Saskia is PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, funded by the College of Arts PhD Scholarship. She specialises in Animal Studies and the writing of Virginia Woolf, and has an MLitt in Modernities. She has published on Katherine Mansfield in eSharp, and on Woolf in the Virginia Woolf Miscellany. Saskia also writes theatre reviews, short stories and other experimental pieces, and has been published in zines including FRONT HORSE, Noted, SPAM, and Splinter.

Review: Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association 2017

Utrecht University, Netherlands

The Posthumanist Modernism stream was prompted by two deceptively simple questions: What is modernism? And what is Posthumanism? The former question has been the subject of debate for years. The latter is the title of Cary Wolfe’s ground-breaking 2010 book on the subject. An international, comparative approach to these slippery concepts was a refreshing alternative to the often Anglo-centric focus of Modernist Studies in Britain. Continue reading