British Group in Early American History Conference, September, 3-6, 2015

Thursday 3/9.

2.00-3.30, Registration and coffee/tea, Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield.

3.30-3.45, Welcome.

3.45-5.15, Credit, Class Formation, and the Self.
Chair: Simon Middleton.
Andrew Lawson, “Becoming Bourgeois: Benjamin Franklin’s Account of the Self.”
Matthew Pethers, “Becoming Proletarian: William Moraley’s Unaccountable Self.”
Natalie Zacek, “Inventing the People in the West Indies: Samuel Martin’s ‘The Lying Hero’.”

5.30-7.00, Trevor Burnard, “Planters, Fear, and Slavery in the Coming of the American Revolution.”

Dinner on your own, or sign up for group curry on the day, approx £15.

Friday 4/9.

Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield.

9.15-10.45, Material Culture in Early National America.
Chair: Geoffrey Plank.
Zara Anishanslin, “Domesticating Revolution: Bringing Battle into the Home, and Home into Battle, in the Revolutionary Era.”
Nancy Siegel, “In Search of the Freedom Fry: Culinary Politics in the Early American Republic.”
Abby Chandler, “ ‘Unawed by the Laws of their Country’: The Role of English Law in North Carolina’s Regulator Rebellion.”

10.45-11.00. Break.

11.00-12.30, Kinship and migration networks.
Chair: Natalie Zacek.
Kimberly Sherman, “Keeping It in the Family: Scottish Kinship Networks in North Carolina, 1730-1800.”
Elodie Peyrol, “The Migration of Irish Indentured Servants in the seventeenth-century Chesapeake.”
Sarah Hall, “Correspondence networks in the early seventeenth century: building a picture of a transatlantic puritan community.”

12.30-2.00, Lunch.

2.00-3.30, John Adams’s Nation.
Chair: Karin Wulf.
Nicholas Cole, “New Approaches to the Records of the Federal Convention.”
Sara Georgini, “John Adams for the Defence.”
Colin Nicolson, “The Case for the Prosecution: John Adams and History.”

3.30-3.45 Break.

3.45-5.15, Across the Waters.
Chair: Daniel Richter.
Rachel Herrmann, “Canoes, Coasts, and Rivers in Eighteenth-Century Sierra Leone.”
Geoffrey Plank, “Ouemichtigouchiou: Naval Technology and the Creation of the Atlantic World.”
Caroline Dodds Pennock, “Crossing The ‘Great Water’: A Native American History of the Atlantic.”

5.30-7.00, Bookclub.
Chair: Trevor Burnard.
Andrew Beaumont, Colonial America and the Earl of Halifax, 1748–1761 (OUP, 2015).

7.00-7.45, Reception.

Dinner on your own or sign up for group meal on the day, approx £15.

Saturday 5/9.

Today’s sessions will be held in the Frederick Mappin Building, Lecture Theatre 5.

9.15-10.45, Creative Destruction: Port Cities, Pirates, and Promising Apperances.
Chair: Rachel Herrmann.
Sheryllynne Haggerty, “Liverpool’s Trade with the West Indies, 1660-1720.”
John Donoghue, “Creative Destruction: Pirates, Port Cities, and the Political Economy of Capitalism.”
Tom Cutterham, “‘A Very Promising Appearance’: Daniel Parker’s Circle and the Language of Commercial Capital, 1785-1793.”
10.45-11.00. Break

11.00-12.30, “‘The Causes which Impel them to Separation’: Americanness and
Chair: John Donoghue.
Angel O’Donnell, “Struenee’s Ghost: Popular Narratives of European Decline, 1767 – 1776.”
Thomas Rodgers, “The Character of a Republican State.”
Jennifer Scammell, “Identity, Republicanism, and Monarchy.”
Blair Smith, “Cognitive Landscapes, Cultural Memory: Localism as Nationalism on the Post Revolutionary Backcountry.”

12.30-2.00, Lunch.

2.00-3.30, America from the Outside In and Inside Out.
Chair: Sheryllynne Haggerty.
Gareth Davies, “Clutching at Canada: The 1776 Congressional Mission to Quebec.”
Cho-Chien Feng, “‘Peace, Order and Happiness Were Restored’: The Loyalist Concept of Liberty in Revolutionary New York.”
Jonathan Singerton, “Why ‘The Habsburgs Get No Respect’: The American Founding from a Viennese Perspective, 1776-1783.”

3.30-3.45 Break.

3.45-5.15, Enlightenment, Evangelicalism, and Internationl Law.
Chair: Colin Nicolson
Gideon Mailer, “Between Enlightenment and Evangelicalism: Presbyterian Diversity and American Slavery, 1700-1800.”
Peter Thompson, “The Vattelian Moment.”

7.00, Conference dinner.

Sunday 6/9.

Peak District hike, depending on weather and if there are any takers. You will need decent footware. Train out to the Peak District 9 am. Two-hour (ish) walk and pub lunch (depending on numbers) back in Sheffield for 1600.