IMG_1171At the BAAS Banquet at the Annual Conference, we presented awards recognizing the best in scholarship across the American Studies community in Britain. Recipients ranged from sixth form students, to postgraduates, to established senior lecturers, and BAAS was delighted to be able to support such a wide range of work in American Studies. A list of recipients is below.

BAAS Founders Research Travel Awards
Dr Stephen J Burn – University of Glasgow
Dr J Michelle Coghlan – University of Manchester
Dr Katie R Muth – University of St Andrews

BAAS Postgraduate Travel Awards
Timo Schrader – University of Nottingham (Elizabeth and Elisha Atkins Award)
James Hillyer – University College London (Peter Parrish Award)
Rose Knight – University of Reading (Abraham Lincoln Award)
Tom Bishop – University of Nottingham (Marcus Cunliffe Award)
Grant Gosizk – University of Kent (Malcolm Bradbury Award)
Sophie Heather Jones – University of Liverpool (Journal of American Studies/BAAS Award)
Oenone Kubie – University of Oxford (Journal of American Studies/BAAS Award)

Ambassador’s Essay Prizes
Lizzie Bailey – Folkstone School for Girls (School Essay Prize)
The Gold Rush of 1849 was a localised event and had no lasting impact on the United States of America
Alice Spencer – University of Exeter (Undergraduate Essay Prize)
“Anyway, I asked, what was wrong with sympathy?” Joyce Carol Oates’s Black Girl, White Girl as a Postsentimental Novel
Michael Kalisch – University of Cambridge (Postgraduate Essay Prize)
Cosmopolitanism and the Work of Mourning in Teju Cole’s Open City

BAAS Postgraduate Essay Prize
James Brooks – University of Nottingham
‘“Enclosed I Send You My Likeness”: Tintype Portraiture and the American Civil War
Honourable Mentions
Katie Hamilton – University of Nottingham
There in black and white? The parchmentcoloured body of Faulkner’s Joe Christmas
James West – University of Manchester
Ben Burns and the Boundaries of Black Press Production

BAAS Graduate Assistantship
Stephen Milligan – University of Glasgow (Graduate Teaching Assistantship at the Universityof Hampshire)
Will Chadwick – University of Birmingham (Graduate Teaching Assistantship at the University of Wyoming)

Monticello Teacher’s Fellowship
Stuart Baker – Bedford Modern School

Arthur Miller Centre First Book Prize
Dr Lucas Richert – University of Saskatchewan
Conservatism, Consumer Choice, and the FDA during the Reagan Era: A Prescription for Scandal (Lexington Books, 2014)

BAAS Book Prize
Dr Catherine Jones – University of Aberdeen
Literature and Music in the Atlantic World, 1767-1867 (Edinburgh University Press, 2014)
“Jones argues that her work aims to ‘contribute to the development of new paradigms of exchange, circulation and transformation for transatlantic literary studies’. The judges admired the scope of her scholarship and her extensive and meticulous research. Her highly interdisciplinary and original work was applauded for contributing to transatlantic scholarship in exciting ways, expanding our understanding of the relationship between literature and music and their transatlantic circulation.”